about me

Hi there!

I'm Laura (sometimes known as Lo) and I'm 27 years old and live in Toronto Canada, a city that I love with all my heart. I work at a charity as a fundraiser, which fulfils my passion for helping others. Outside of work I like to take a few photos and write on this blog. Really, this is just a place for me to be creative and share a little bit about myself with others.

I love clothes, shoes, and accessories of all kinds (primarily vintage), and this blog serves as a little glimpse into my closet. I think of fashion as a creative expression, and I find inspiration in the people around me. But there is much more to me, and I hope that will come across as you read and explore.

Thanks for stopping by!


*If you have any questions or just want to say a quick hello, please email me at deliciouslyyourslo@gmail.com